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    History of mixed race community groups on Cornell campus can be traced back to 2001 with the discussion group called BLEND (Bi-/Multiracial Lineages, Ethnicities, and Nationalities Discussion) which won the 2002 Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony. On and off in the years since then, the Asian and Asian-American Center (A3C) at Cornell has sponsored a discussion group on issues relating to multiracial issues, which has passed through the leadership of many dedicated students until it eventually grew into a registered student organization in spring of 2014. Today, MiXed at Cornell is led by a small group of undergraduates with a mission of fostering a safe space for students who identify as mixed to share their experiences and create a community. 


    Fall 2019



    Join us in finalizing our spring speaker series, planning and executing our February photo campaign and discussing where we want to take our unique organization in the times to come.


    Mission: To provide opportunities to foster a community for the mixed students of Cornell

    Fall 2017


    Find more information about each event on our Facebook page @CornellMiXed


    MiXed Photoshoot

    Mission: Showcase the various "mixed" faces around campus and bring attention to the growing number of individuals who claim heritages of MiXed backgrounds.

    Spring 2014


    In the spring of 2014, we photographed various individuals who both do and do not identify as mixed. We wanted to grow awareness about our organization and about the changes face of our society's diversity. We plan to continue this event this semester on November 15 and 16, from 12-2pm in West Sibley B38


    Dinner & A Movie

    Mission: To encourage community growth and development for mixed students, faculty, and staff

    Spring 2014


    In May 2014, we hosted our first semi-annual "Dinner and a Movie" event, where we served Taste of Thai and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which deals with interracial marriage and family issues.


    Ice Cream Mixer

    Mission: To socialize and welcome newcomers to Cornell and the MiXed family!

    Fall 2015


    The Ice Cream Mixer is a fun and useful way to meet new members of the mixed community. Having a G-Body meeting to follow, this event helps the Executive Board in introducing the organization and beginning dialogue with Cornellians that are interested in joining MiXed or participating in future events!


    The Cornell Hapa Book

    Mission: To showcase the beauty and individuality of people on Cornell University campus who self-identify as multiracial, multiethnic, or multicultural and to celebrate the diversity that results from being mixed.

    Fall 2014 - Spring 2015


    In the 2014 - 2015 academic year, we photographed 60 Cornell University students who self-identified as multiracial. We asked each person to write what being mixed meant to them since it is a singular experience for each person. Our book drew its inspiration from Kip Fulbeck's book, The Hapa Project. The word hapa originates in Hawaii from the Hawaiian word for "part" or "mixed". In Hawaii, hapa refers to any person of mixed heritage, regardless of the specific mixture. The Cornell Hapa Book is the culmination of our year long work. Please click here for the full gallery. Special thanks to our Creative Director, Chris Andras, for his photography, editing, and time.


    Talking and TV-ing

    Mission: To encourage conversation about how multiracialism and multiculturalism is conveyed in the media.

    Spring 2015


    In May 2015, we watched an episode of Modern Family called "Fears" and discussed the role of interracial marriage and blended families in the media.


    Ice Cream Mixer

    Mission: To socialize and welcome newcomers to Cornell and the MiXed family!

    Fall 2015


    The Ice Cream Mixer is a fun and useful way to meet new members of the mixed community. Having a G-Body meeting to follow, this event helps the Executive Board in introducing the organization and beginning dialogue with Cornellians that are interested in joining MiXed or participating in future events!



    2016 Short Doc

    "Mixed Thoughts with Mixed Cornellians"


    Elizabeth Sowers

    BS Communications '14

    MPS Information Science '15

    Other Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Social Media Lab, The Cornell Daily Sun

    Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

    Heritage: Filipino and Italian

    Katelyn Fletcher

    BS Human Development '15

    Other Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Human Bonding Lab, Public Service Scholar

    Hometown: Farmingdale, NY

    Heritage: Chinese and Irish

    Dillon Hickman

    BS Biological Engineering '15

    Other Activities: Cornell Filipino Association, Cornell Co-Op Program
    Hometown: Lexington, KY
    Heritage: Filipino, English and Irish


    Isabella de Castro


    Class of 2021

    Major: Applied Economics and Management
    Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
    Heritage: Filipino, Caucasian

    Other Activities:

    Jae Bucknor

    Vice President

    Class of 2021

    Major: Biological Sciences


    Heritage: Belizean, Filipino

    Other Activities:

    Alia Adler


    Class of 2022

    Major: College Scholar
    Heritage: Indian and Jewish

    Other Activities:

    Sophia Lee


    Class of 2022

    Major: Linguistics

    Heritage: Korean and Italian

    Other Activities:

    Alexia Asgari

    Creative Director

    Class of 2022

    Major: Architecture

    Heritage: Persian and Romanian

    Other Activities:

    Sara Pistono

    Community Outreach Chair

    Class of 2021

    Major: Psychology and Performing and Media Arts


    Heritage: Taiwanese, Italian, and Swedish

    Other Activities:

    Katherine Luong

    Social Chair

    Class of 2022

    Major: Human Development


    Heritage: Russian Jew and Chinese American

    Other Activities:

    Jen Majka


    Class of 2020

    Job: Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    College: Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

    Heritage: Korean

    Other Activities:


    Loving​ hits Hollywood

    The iconic Supreme Court ruling and the story behind are is brought back to life in the 2016 film.

    Miss Japan 2015

    Ariana Miyamoto, whose father is African-American and mother is Japanese, won the 2015 Miss Universe Japan. She discusses how she was bullied because of her looks growing up. There has been much backlash from the country claiming that she "isn't Japanese enough" to represent Japan. Click on her image to read more.

    National Geographic's "The Changing Face of America"

    In October of 2013, National Geographic's 125th Anniversary issue featured an article by Lise Funderburg titled "The Changing Face of America" with striking photos by Martin Schoeller. Funderburg's discussion topics included the growing population of Americans who identify as multiracial (as recently discovered by the 2000 Census where respondents were finally allowed to check off more than one race), the unfortunate remain of racism today, the inevitable advantages and disadvantages of being and identifying as mixed race, and accounts of personal experiences had by some of the individuals displayed in Schoeller's photos . On the online version of this article, each photo, if clicked on, showcases a person of different mixed heritage, how they self-identify, and the Census boxes they have checked. 


    Cheerio's featured a multiracial family in its advertisement in 2013 which fueled many dicussions about race.

    Indivisible by Samantha Wall

    Indivisible is an art project by Samantha Wall that seeks to represent multiracialism in Korea and the United States. Depicted in only black and white, Wall hopes the portraits will serve as a starting point for a discussion about race. Click on the image to read more.

    Recent Study of College Students and Multiracial Relationships

    A recent study showed that today's college students see no problem with multiracial relationships. It's surprising to think about, but multiracial marriages were illegal until 1967. Since then, the number of multiracial marriages has increased from 0.4% to nearly 15%. Click on the image to read more.

    16 Things You Should Never Say to Mixed Race People

    BuzzFeed has compiled a hilarious number of things that you should never say to mixed race people. Have you heard some of them before?

    Mixed Blood

    Mixed Blood is a photographic and textual project portraying NYC and Beijing based families that include children with “mixed” races, ethnicities, and cultures. Mixed Blood questions and diffuses the historical categorization process of race/ethnicity and focuses on connective, cross-cultural experiences. The portraits and accompanying narratives illustrate the varying relationships family members have with their backgrounds, cultural context and citizenship. This unifying of race and cultures within a family unit continues to influence the evolution of American and global identity today. Click on the image to see more of Mixed Blood.

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